Drone Footage Show Pro Mountain Biker Defying Death on Terrifying ‘White Line’ Trail

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Michal Kollbek isn’t like the rest of us.

The professional mountain biker recently had the option to either ride his bike down the nearly vertical Sedona ‘White Line’ Trail in Arizona or run as far away from it as he could. Kollbek chooses the former.

In what he would later describe to his Instagram followers as “one of the scariest things I have done on a bike,” Kollbek ended up going down the trail.

Watching this puts my stomach in all sorts of knots.

Kollbek knew of the trail for a few years, but recently found himself presented with the opportunity to ride it for himself.


“Conquering this ride was all mental,” he told the Huffington Post. “I was confident with my skills and knew I could execute it. The key was to block the out the scary thoughts about the potential danger, so I just focused on the trail and not on the terrifying space around me.”

When Kollbek finally descended the trail, videographer Marchall Mullen was there to capture it all on his drone.

Stating “I live for thrills like this,” he warned inexperienced riders to avoid tackling this mammoth of an obstacle. We’re right there with you, Kollbek.


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