Donald Trump is President; That Means Great News for Sportsmen

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While all of the world is in total shock at President Elect Donald Trump’s win last night, what does it mean for American outdoorsmen?

For months several prominent outdoorsmen have endorsed Donald Trump for President, but why?

Sportsmen for Trump penned the article and information below: “On behalf of Jason Hairston from KUIU, Lorenzo Sartini from, Michael Waddell of Bone Collector, Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, Jim Shockey and many other industry leaders, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of electing a candidate who embraces the traditions and values of the outdoors, land stewardship and the 2nd Amendment, all of which have been largely ignored and which are in tremendous peril. As industry leaders and lifetime sportsmen, Mr. Trump is the only candidate that will represent our values and protect our traditions. We sincerely hope that you join in our effort to see that he become the next Commander & Chief of our great country.”

Because of sportsmen-based conservation groups like National Wild Turkey Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, & Mule Deer Foundation, our flocks and herds are healthier than they have ever been. But we can’t rely on their noble work alone. As sportsmen, we have a responsibility to elect officials who will stand with us to preserve America’s lands, game, and heritage for generations to come.

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