Diver Filmed “Blacking Out” in Unnerving Video, Shows Importance of Being Ready for Anything

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Cameron Kirkconnell shows the importance of always having a partner to keep an eye out for you when make a dive in case you black out. Challenging dives can end bad quickly if you battle a tough fish and don’t have someone backing you up.

“This is me “blacking out” yesterday coming up from working on a big grouper. ” said Kirkconnell on his Facebook page. “This is why you always have your friends watch your back. Anytime I’m making a deep or challenging dive I double check that my dive partner is 100% focused on watching me. A normal dive can turn into a challenging one very quickly when fighting a fish or lobster at depth. Thanks Logan Stern for being there and acting quickly and Daniel Hulme for getting it on video. If you haven’t already, take a freedive class.  


This was yesterday in 85′ of water. On any trip you need to be prepared for this. As part of our guided trips we make sure to run some unannounced scenarios to make sure everyone is on their game. Do the same and be ready when it really happens and you’ll save your friends life.

I apologize if I didn’t make it apparent when I posted this but Daniel Hulme and I discussed me faking a blackout before this dive to test Logan. He did great.

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