Deerly Beloved – Epic Wedding Deer Photobomb

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This incredible photo, taken by photographer Ian Christmann, went viral after being posted to Reddit Monday with the caption, “My brother shot a wedding this weekend, they had some unexpected guests.”

It turned an astonishing 3 million views in just 24 hours! How did Ian capture this photo given the general spooky nature of deer? There was no photoshop, it was all about the timing – and as further evidence, see additional photos below.


According to his website, “I photographed the backyard wedding of Lauren and Erick in Stockton NJ this past weekend. During the dinner, we were surprised by a herd of deer that appeared at the edge of the woods. The bride and groom graciously let me interrupt their meal to see if we could get a photo or two near the deer. The deer were quite jittery as we approached, so I didn’t expect that we would be able to get so close!”

In terms of technical details, Christmann was shooting with a Canon 5D Mark III and a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens at ISO 4000. You can find more of the photographer’s work over on his wedding photography website and his Facebook page .


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