Deaf Man Videos Heroic Rescue of Deer From Frigid Water

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Steven Peterson risked his own life to save a deer after he saw it struggling in an icy river. Using ASL (American Sign Language), Peterson — who shot the video himself — describes how he was driving along the Interstate, saw the deer fighting for it’s life in the river and how he felt ‘obligated to help her so I pulled over’. The video was shot along I-35 on the Kettle River, Minnesota. He named the deer “Miss Ice River” and says ‘I’m so happy she survived.’

The entire transcript of his heartwarming video is as follows: “I was driving along when I see this deer struggling to survive. I felt obligated to help her, so I pulled over, trekked through the woods, and crawled out onto the ice. I used a rope to pull her out. I am so glad she is safe. Now we need to find her mom. I will call her Miss Ice River. She must be so cold. I am so happy that she survived. Farewell.”


For a video of the rescue and an interview with Mr. Peterson from the Duluth News Times, click here.




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