You Can Now Own Your Very Own World-Class Fishing Resort

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Forget about just owning a private island, now you can buy your very own fishing resort in the Bahamas! That’s right – Deep Water Cay is officially on the market.


Founded as a private fishing club by legendary anglers Gil Drake Sr. and A.J. McLane  in 1958, Deep Water Cay has welcomed visitors of all types, from celebrities to fishing enthusiasts. The 91-acre island has provided world-class fishing to all who seek it out for over 50 years.

This beautiful island offers some of the most breathtaking views imaginable and a level of fishing you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.


The island has 2.5 miles of beautiful white beaches surrounded by crystal blue water and it can all be yours, for an unnamed yet obviously insanely large chunk of change.

Maybe it’s incredibly unlikely you’d be able to afford this island (we wish we could) but one can dream. Besides, owning a private fishing resort beats a day in the office, or any other job for that matter.



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