Half buffalo half crocodile ‘hybrid’ is pure nightmare fuel

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If there wasn’t enough already out there to give you nightmares, here’s one more thing to add to the list – a creature born in a small, remote village in Thailand appears to be some ungodly peculiar cross between a buffalo and crocodile.

The creature surfaced in High Rock, Wanghin, Thailand, sometime in the past week, according to the UK’s Daily Mail and Guardian newspapers. Villagers in the remote township were obviously – and, rightfully so – terrified of the animal’s appearance. Born to a buffalo, which had previously given birth to a litter of perfectly healthy calves, there was something a little different about this one in particular – it has rough, scaly skin like a reptile, but the body, limbs, and hooves of a buffalo.


The creature died short after birth.

Footage of this genetic anomaly has spread across YouTube (video linked below) and shows a crowd gathering around it to prod its scaly head and skin. According to the Thai news site Rath, local residents believe the creature will bring good luck to their village.

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