Best Sailing Destinations in the World

Best Sailing Destinations in the World

You just finished a tiring business meeting. Another day doing your part of the bargain working above the average of your capabilities and sanity, you sat there in the silence and wishing you could take a break from all the madness that running a business brings. 

You want to hear the gentle sound of the wind in the middle of the ocean, that warm sunny breeze, the sultry smell of the water, and dive to its clear and cool calm waves. A picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle of the city into the flotilla of boats sailing the vastness of the ocean is an excellent escape. Then life started to get better. Now, where would you go? Here are some of the list of the best destinations to sail that ship of yours prepared just for you.


Most destinations are nowhere near the cities or mainland, and some are practically just around the corner of the town. Either way, you need an excellent yacht of its class to be able for you to enjoy charting away fully. There are models of yachts in the market such as Sunseeker, Hatteras M98 Panacera, Lazzara Yachts, and some more than rightly would do the job.

Seychelles in Mahe island

Seychelles is a nation within 115 islands brimming with intrinsic beauty. Precisely due to its tropical climate, sailing in Seychelles can be done year-round. If you are in for warmer temperature, then Seychelles must be right for you, especially the Mahe island, where the temperatures are mostly always between 24° – 32°. The coral upstream helps the water to calm down. It makes navigation very easy.


The Country of Turkey

Every sailor Bodrum, the Turkish’s sailing epicenter. From there, smooth glide shall get you to the harbors such as Gumusluk that will surely charm you. This permanent part of Turkey waters is one of the best spots to relax on the planet; breathing its natural beauty will recharge you completely. 

In summer, where there is a high possibility of calm winds and moderate seas, chartering the blue, clear water to deep bays and craggy coastlines, there will be a grandeur experience.


Since ancient times, sailing has been part of Greece. Their life has been pretty much engaged in the water since time immemorial. Greece is composed of many islands with distinct characteristics individually. The Grecian life is simple, and the only comfortable way to go island hopping is to charter it. Since Greece is surrounded by water. You will find various accessible ports where you can dock easily. 

The blue and whitewashed houses that line up the hills of each island are the most remarkable scenery beside the Meditteranean water that you are gliding in. You can enjoy fresh catch seafood and have then cooked the way you like it in local restaurants camping each island. The most popular spots to the sea-goers include the Cyclades, home to Mykonos and Santorini, and Skorpios, which can be found in Ionians.

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

If you are more into observing environmental activities, New Zealand is for you. They have the highest per-capita rates of ship possession on the planet.

In its Bay of Islands, where the maritime reserve is situated has also become the most exotic sailing spot in the world. With its prominent crystal clear waters filled coves that vary from azure to navy blue to turquoise that will give the sailing a sublime experience.

Those with the right skills are eligible to sail with a yacht. Others prefer to hire a crew to navigate them in the middle, and others like to assume total control while they glide into the deep. Either way, the sailing experience could never amount to anything. Now we gave you lists of seas to sail on, set a date, make a careful plan, and cover all emergencies that you might encounter upon sailing into the vast waters.

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