Biologist Makes Incredible Shot to Save Two Locked Bull Elk

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Jacob Stoller had no idea what to expect when he received a call to free to locked bull elk with the help of a slug-landed shotgun. A Lahontan cutthroat trout specialist for the Nevada Department of Wildlife, Stoller was the only one around after a resident called in about the two elk.

When Stoller arrived and found the two elk, he could see the elk were on their last legs and would die if something wasn’t done soon.

“They were in bad shape, especially the smaller bull,” Stoller said.

Since they were so worn out, a tranquilizer would’ve likely killed the elk, so a slug shot from a shotgun was the only option. The video below shows Jacob absolutely nail the shot.

Once free, the two elk looked at each other confused for a few moments. Then the smaller of the two attacked one last time and tussled for a few seconds before it finally ran off. Talk about a sore loser.

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