Biggest Largemouth Bass Ever Caught on Video, 19.3-Pound Behemoth

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Butch Brown has caught some huge bass, including the best 5 fish limit we’ve ever seen – an astronomical 65-pounds plus with an 18.5 kicker. This bass beats them all, weighing in at a ridiculous 19.3-pounds. To make it even more impressive, the entire catch from cast, to hook set, to netting, is caught on video. Watch as the lure pops out as the fish enters the net…talk about a near heartbreaker! The video caption claims it is the biggest largemouth ever from the strike to net. Whether or not that is still true today, one thing for sure, this is the bass and video of a lifetime.

YouTube user Morgan Williams posted the video with the caption: As far as I am aware, this is Butch’s biggest largemouth to date. The fish was caught on March 28, 2008. Not only an amazing catch, this may be the single biggest largemouth bass ever on film from the strike to the net. Butch is the man!

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