Bienville Plantation Produces Father Son Memories and “Dream 10-Pound Bass”

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Bienville Plantation is proud to have some of the most talented bass guides in the entire United States. Here’s a story from one of these guides, Riley Rhoden.

Jason Mccomb has been coming to Bienville Plantation for over ten years bass fishing. I am a guide at Bienville and had the pleasure of guiding Jason seven years ago. We hit it off fantastic, and I have guided him every year since. I’ve also guided his sons on their birthdays for the last few years.

When Jason asked them what they want for their birthday, they said they wanted to go bass fishing with Riley at Beinville. I have watched them mature into very good fisherman. I was lucky enough to be fishing with both of them when they caught their first bass off the bed. Last year, on March 17th, Devon caught a 6 pound 12 ounce bass and his photo was published in several locations.

Bienville Plantation

Since my first trip with Jason he has talked about his dream of catching a 10 pound plus bass. During our trips over the years he has come close, but the 10 pound mark still eluded him. That would all change on March 19th, 2016, while at Bienville Plantation. Fishing with Ferguson Corporation I was guiding Jason in a Hooker Bay. At 10:12 am, Jason cast a red with black flake speed worm next to a cypress tree, and the fight was on.

Bienville Plantation

About five minutes later, I netted a monster bass. He tipped the scales at 10 pounds and 3 ounces. We screamed and yelled because Jason had finally fulfilled his dream! Jason, his sons, and myself, have become very close friends over the years and stay in touch off and on during throughout this time.


Jason and Devon are the only father son combination on and have been featured on the multiple social media accounts. Our goal now is to get his third son Grayson on BienvillePlantation and let him experience the best bass fishing in the entire world. It may happe this year on Jayson’s Birthday I hope we can continue to produce the memories that we’ve established with his family.


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