Bear Family Takes Over Family Swimming Pool Throw Bear Pool Party

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This bear family has taken over a family’s swimming pool …. again! Even if you’re not ready for summer, this bear family is ready to party — in a pool.

Check out the video, and read the back story below.

Here’s the back story:

It has been suggested over and over that we make a gofundme account to “get support” for the destruction the bears caused in our backyard. My wife and I felt it was unnecessary and inapropriate to capatilize off that one day in our yard.

Then, a few months later, the boy scouts got themselves in trouble with the very same bears, and debates on what to do with the bears were a buzz in our area.

Since the town has a somewhat contravercial view on our furry neighbors, we now feel if we can help, let’s. Even if we’re a little late.

100% All donations through GoFundMe will be provided to help the bears of Rockaway.


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