‘Beach Vault’ Designed So You’ll Never Lose Valuables at the Beach Again

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What do I do with my stuff? That’s the question you’re faced with when everyone wants to get in the water at the beach. Usually you end up hiding your stuff in a sandy towel or someone stays behind to guard what you brought. The Beach Vault fixes that.

Featuring a straightforward design, the easy to use device screws directly into the ground and is covered by a towel and pillow that are included in the container. The Beach Vault is crafted from durable plastic and is completely waterproof, ensuring everything inside remains safe and dry.

While it is still possible to have your possessions stolen if someone snoops hard enough, unless the container is left unattended for a long period of time, it’s unlikely anyone will be the wiser to where your stuff is.

“The whole thing started when my wife, Krystal, and I were travelling back from the beach,” said Marcal DaCunha, the creator of the Beach Vault.

“What if we had a container you could put underneath your towel that could hide all of your stuff?,” asked DaCunha’s wife. “The idea was that if you were lying on the towel and you fell asleep you wouldn’t have to worry about watching your stuff or trying to keep hold of it while closing your eyes.”


“We spoke about it and spent a while making prototypes and coming up with ideas and we have now worked with engineers to come up with the Beach Vault.”

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