Baby Bobcats Pay Surprise Visit to Hunter in Tree Stand

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Wendell Van Beek was waiting in his tree stand just like he has many times before when he got noticed a deer emerge from the woods with a bobcat and 3 cubs.

Van Beek went on about his business until he heard a noise and realized that one of the babies had actually climbed up into his stand and was walking around!

“I heard kind of a thunk sitting right beside me and looked down and there sat one of the babies right next to me,” Van Beek said. ” Listening to the mama below and actually there were deer out in front of me and they were snorting and stomping at the mama underneath me.”

He snapped some pictures of the incredible encounter and posted them to Twitter the Monday morning after it happened.

“I had an old wooden ladder that was going up to the blind and they were swinging on there just like they were monkey bars and just playing around and watching me, and it was quite an experience.”

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