Wrangler Captures an Absolutely Massive Crocodile

Image: Screenshot

Crocodiles aren’t exactly known for being small, but the croc that Australian wrangler Matt Wright caught and posted a picture of earlier this month was one of the biggest we’ve seen.

When he described the croc as being the size of “10 of me,” he wasn’t exaggerating.

Wright may have made an impressive catch, but not everyone was happy with his picture, mainly because the way the animal’s snout was covered by what appeared to be duct tape. Many commenters reacted angrily to the picture, telling him to leave the animal alone and that he was hurting it.

It turns out that Wright, who has a show on National Geographic, might know a little bit more than the experts on the internet comments section.

“In order to keep the stress levels of a croc down when we are relocating it, it is necessary to place hessian and duct tape over the crocs eyes and key sensory glands on its head so it remains calm and minimises the build-up of lactic acid,” he said.

“The croc’s survival and safety are priority during relocations which ensure the protection of these beautiful animals so they aren’t harmed or destroyed.”

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