Woman Missing After Witnesses Her Being Dragged Away by Crocodile

Image: Daily Mail

Cindy Waldron, a 46-year-old Australian woman was pulled under by a crocodile when she was swimming with a friend, Leeann Mitchell, 47, at Thornton Beach, Queensland, on Sunday night.

Image: Daily Mail

Image: Daily Mail

Originally both from New Zealand, the pair were in the Australia’s Daintree National Park, celebrating the end of Mitchell’s cancer treatment.

According to Queensland Ambulance Service spokesman Neil Noble, the friend said they felt a nudge underwater right before the woman was dragged down while screaming.

Image: Daily Mail

Image: Daily Mail

Mitchell tried to help her but was unsuccessful in attempting to rescue the Waldron from the crocodile’s clutches.

Attempts to locate the victim were unsuccessful, even though rescue crews used helicopters with thermal imaging, no trace was found.

The surviving woman was suffering from shock and a minor arm injury when she was taken to a hospital in nearby Mossman.

The area the ladies were at is known to have a high concentration of crocodile activity and has warning signs placed around the area, warning of the danger you’re putting yourself in by getting to close to the water.

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

The area is littered with warning signs warning of crocodiles, so it’s highly unlikely they weren’t aware of the risk.

The MP for the area, Warren Entsch, believed the women are responsible for some of the blame in this tragic situation.

“You can’t legislate against human stupidity,” he said.

“If you go in swimming at 10 o’clock at night, you’re going to get consumed.”

As harsh as that may sound, you can’t expect to go swimming in an area riddled with crocodiles and come out unscathed.

Image: Huffington Post

Image: Huffington Post

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