Three-eyed Catfish Caught in New York


An angler claims to have caught a three-eyed catfish in a polluted NYC Canal. Is it true, or is this a catfish story where we’re all being “catfished”? Check out the quotes and video below, and draw your conclusions.

“Bunch of people were crowding this dude fishing near Whole Foods on Gowanus,” a tipster told the Gothamist. “He caught a 3 eyed cat fish. Some lady was flipping out cause he whacked it dead and she said they were trying to preserve the remaining wildlife there or something. It was a crazy scene. He said he was gonna eat it! Crazy.”

“I felt it and it was absolutely a real fish,” Greg Hunter, who shot the video said, “I even poked the eyes with my finger. The middle eye was cloudy like it had a cataract or something.”

“I’m 99 percent sure it’s a hoax,” Waldman told ABC News today. “The water is too salty to support this fish. The only caveat is if there was some major undiscovered underground freshwater spring where an ongoing population of these three-eyed catfish were breeding, which I highly doubt.”

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