Photos Show Wolf Chasing Whitetail Deer for Dinner

Image: Screenshot

We all remember the popular pool game, ‘Sharks and Minnows,’ from when either we were young or our children were young. It looks like ‘Wolves and Deer’ may be the games next big aquatic rendition after photos of a persistent wolf swimming after a buck surfaced.

The photos, taken by David Smith, in Alberta, Canada, show an Alberta whitetail swimming away from a wolf that’s right on his tail.

“The [deer] jumped out of the bush, and the wolf jumped right in after it and tried to swim and bite it,” Smith said. “This probably went on for a minute and then the wolf turned around.”

Spent the weekend with good friends back country canoeing at Lakeland Provincial Park, AB. After hearing a wolf pack…

Posted by David Smith on Monday, September 11, 2017

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