One-Eyed Massive Gator “Chubbs” Caught On Golf Course


A one-eyed alligator named after “Chubbs” from Adam Sandler’s 1996 hit film  ‘Happy Gilmore’ has been relocated to a gator farm after it was captured on a golf course in Richmond, Texas.

Although Chubbs the gator was first spotted roaming the River Pointe Golf Club a few months ago, Christy Kroboth and Chris Stephens of the Houston-based “Gator Squad” were called in to catch the 12-foot-long and 800-pound reptile because he was getting too comfortable with local golfers.


From the Gator Squad Facebook page, ” Chubbs the gator removed from River Point Golf Club today. His size attracted a few news cameras, but Chubbs is a neat gator, soaking up sun on Hole 17. Problem was he was sunbathing in the tee box! daring anyone to make him move. We did. The golfer in shot below needed to tee off, and his buddies would not grant him a mulligan so the pressure was on. Lots of fun, and this big Ole gator is headed to the farm wearing his pink tape mouth restraint.”

Luckily no golf instructors or golfers at the club were injured. RIP to the original Chubbs.

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