Florida Fisherman Video Great White On Camera


Team Buck Rogers Captain Chad Starling of Jacksonville, Florida, said it best, ” You never know what you will see when you’re on the sea!”

Especially after they spotted and videoed a Great White Shark in the waters off the coast.

Starling told ActionNewsJax, ““He grabbed the fish. Then there was an intense game of tug of war for a second,” Starling said. “Then he bit the chunk out of the top of the fish, killed it, then took off and everybody was going crazy. That’s when I got the phone out and started recording the video.”


He posted photos and video to his Facebook page with the caption: “Pics from the charter today. Quite an eventful day. We caught more red snapper than we could count, had a Mola Mola follow right behind the engines for 10-15 minutes, and oh yeah, the great white deal. Incredible day. It stands true; you never know what you will see when you’re on the sea!”

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