Dog Spotted Carrying an Entire Bag of Dog Food Through Hurricane Harvey

Image: Facebook

People weren’t the only ones doing everything they could to make it through Hurricane Harvey when it hit Texas. This dog named Otis was also focused on being prepared with everything he needed — an entire bag of dog food he carried with him through the streets.

He was first spotted wandering around Sinton, Texas after Harvey made landfall.

Otis, a German shepherd mix, was believed to be a stray. But he had just managed to escape from a screened in porch.

“I kept yelling his name and yelling his name and he wasn’t around,” said his caretaker Salvador Segovia.

She was taking care of him for her 5-year-old grandson who had evacuated.

Otis didn’t need the internet to make him famous either. He’s already a well-known resident in the town of Sinton with a population of 6,000.

“Otis can go to Dairy Queen and he can get a hamburger. He’s the only dog allowed to lie down in front of the county court house,” Segovia said. “He also goes to H.E.B. He’s not a stray. He’s a good dog.”

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