Dog battles wolves in vicious video

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4-year-old Swedish elkhound Klara attacked by two wolves while hunting moose outside Sunne Municipality in Värmland County, Sweden, on October 12 2015. Klara wore a protective vest which held the action camera. The vest was also equipped with steel for protection against wolf attacks, which helped Klara survive the attack that lasted approximately ten minutes.

Tommy Berglund in an interview with Swedish Hunting said “The beacon had stopped functioning and my first thought was that she was in contact with a moose and received a kick. But when I went back, I saw that she was bloody between his legs and that she had a bite mark. Then I realized that it was the wolf, it was an uncomfortable feeling and Klara could not get up.” 

The best news is that the dog has recovered, but be warned, the video is violent.
Viewer discretion is advised.

  • 63

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