Big Swordfish in Shallow Water Rescue Attempt

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What would you have done in this situation? A large swordfish is spotted swimming in shallow water, which is clearly not normal for any swordfish, and especially one of this size. Check out what these two vacationers do with this shallow water swordfish in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

From the YouTube description: “While vacationing on the beach, the Rabbitt family from St Louis MO spotted a large fish flipping around in the shallow water. From a distance we thought it was a dolphin or a shark. At first we just watched the swordfish to see if it needed help. Two Rabbitt’s, Austin and Dave, got in the water and cautiously steered the fish out to sea. Unfortunately the swordfish was too weak and eventually died. We called the conservation department. They noticed a bite mark from the “cookie cutter” fish which could have been the reason the fish died. They are investigating what happened, we would love to know if you have any information! It was an amazing animal.”

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