Amazing footage of bonefish spawning and redfish offshore feeding frenzy

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Running into giant schools of fish offshore is an amazing experience. Doing it with two of Florida’s most prized flats fish is rarely seen. These two videos below are of bonefish spawning, and then redfish schooling together as well during their yearly spawn. Check them out and be sure to share!

“During a recent expedition to The Bahamas, Dr. Andy Danylchuk (UMass Amherst), Dr. Aaron Adams (Bonefish & Tarpon Trust/Florida Institute of Technology), Dr. Jon Shenker (Florida Institute of Technology), and Zack Jud (Florida International University) reconfirmed that bonefish form massive spawning aggregations at very specific locations during specific lunar days. Using manual tracking and depth sensors, they also documented that bonefish use depths of greater than 160 feet (50 m) when spawning, after which they return quickly to shallow water. Collectively, this work will help identify sites throughout The Bahamas and elsewhere in Florida and the Caribbean where bonefish spawn and that need protection from habitat disturbance and overfishing. Stay tuned for more epic footage!”

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