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Most people don’t want to have a one-dimensional vacation where they will be static and just observe nature from the side. They need to merge with it, which is why camping is becoming more and more popular, but also more demanding. Glamping is a luxury camping variant, intended for those people who like all the benefits of camping, but miss the elements of the modern world in the tent. Glamping can offer you a soft bed, shower or even the internet. It is the coexistence of nature with certain advantages of the modern world. It is a very special way of exploring and getting to know nature without disrupting it in any way.

Travel lightly

The beauty of glamping is that everything you might need is already part of your accommodation. That means you don’t have to bring any kitchen utensils or cooking pots. Sleeping bags are also not a necessity, but if you want to sleep outside you should bring them. There is also no need to bring a tent, an inflatable sleeping mattress, or to plan in advance where will you safely keep your food outside.

If you are planning a longer glamping trip, you will be glad that there is a running shower at your accommodation. You don’t need to think which place outside of your camping site you will use as a toilet because you will also have one there.

What about Accommodations?

It is true that you can forget about the whole process of setting up a tent, because as a glamper you will be able to stay in modern variants of yurts, luxury caravans, equipped tree houses, huts or villas. Glamping allows you to camp in exceptional architecturally finished houses that can fulfill your dreams. Some accommodations are made as treehouses; others are interesting log cabins… 

You can sleep in the canopy, a barrel, indulge in the pleasures of jacuzzis, and have a private terrace or a small pool in luxurious camps. You can also rent various accommodations placed in caves, submarines, ice hotels reconstructed from old planes, trains and cars. Glamping is gaining more and more dimensions, but in essence, it is still camping with a greater degree of comfort and space than we are used to in the usual way of camping.

Experience an Adventure

Hiking, cycling, rafting, canoeing, animal watching, and wine tasting are just some of the activities at your disposal. The beautiful landscapes around the world are waiting for you, and glamping takes you directly to them. Hotels, apartments, camps and other tourist accommodations in urban areas provide all the necessary comfort, but there remains a longing to absorb the natural atmosphere and discover unique experiences.

Curious people who like to see and learn new things will not be satisfied with a settled, conformist approach to travel. That adventuring spirit that sometimes appears in each of us, will probably take us far away, outside the established tourist tour into the realm of nature, fairy tales and life stories told by the local population and the authentic environment of unknown places.

Environmentally Conscious

More people every day are choosing the ecological concept of travel that glamping allows. There are various opportunities for this type of vacation, from tents to treehouses. In the first place, glamping is an activity that protects the environment and relies heavily on elements from nature.

Composite toilets, solar panels and self-sustaining gardens are just some of the things glamping includes. In some cases, these facilities are made from recycled materials, but given their design and comfort, you would never guess.

Who Is It For?

Glamping wasn’t invented yesterday. It is a trend that keeps on living because it gives you the best from two opposite sides. You can have somewhat survivalist experience and be close to nature, while you enjoy some of the basic and luxurious things the modern world has to offer.

If you are bothered by large hotel resorts and holiday homes, or simply camping in a tent is not to your liking, glamping is perfect for you. The advantage is that you are alone, there are no crowds. More benefits of glamping are certainly the heating and air conditioning that are there to keep you warm on cold winter days or to keep you cool when the severe summer heat sets in.

Those who decide to go glamping today can also expect an amazing view and a unique landscape next to which they will be able to relax in a comfortable bed, enjoy the spa, or a private beach – all depending on the budget at their disposal.

Bily Bum is an electrical engineer, tech, and gaming fan with 15 years of experience in the technology world. He uses every spare moment to workout to stay in shape. With his family and friends, he likes to go camping or picnicking where he enjoys the benefits of nature. He is also a contributor to the website Techiezer.

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