Imagine you enter a tournament with the opportunity to win hundreds of thousands of dollars. Despite the odds, you yourself at the top of the leader board when all is said and done. Your prize? $912,000. There’s just one catch – you can’t have any of the prize money because a member of your team didn’t have a $5 license.


This may sound like a satirical scenario, but Andy Thomossan knows it’s all too real. He thought his 883-pound marlin was easily the largest one caught during the Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament in 2010 which we shared a few months ago. It was; however, at the time, a simple matter of a few bucks kept him from tournament glory and lead to a disqualification. Following that article, our social media lit up with opinions, thoughts, and questions because of the date of the event. Here are the results after 3 years of legal disputes.

The team challenged their being disqualified, appealing their case until it reached the state’s highest court. Comment on the settlement, which is confidential, has been limited to a statement released on behalf of all parties.

After a long period of back and forth, the legal dispute reached an amicable agreement. Both parties walked away happy, and would comment not further on the matter.

“The parties involved in the Big Rock lawsuit have reached a mutually satisfactory resolution of all matters in dispute between them. Had the 883-pound fish caught by the vessel Citation not been disqualified, it would have been the largest fish weighed in the history of the Big Rock tournament. The parties are pleased that they were able to resolve their differences honorably and amicably. By agreement, the parties will have no further comment on the matter,” the statement reads.

So, now you know … the rest of the story …

For a video on the power and size of such a massive marlin, below is a video from Guy Harvey and a potential record black marlin.


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