100-Year Old, 650-Pound Sturgeon “Pig Nose” Caught By “Sturgeon Whisperer”

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Image: River Monster Adventures

Fishermen in the town of Lillooet have long dreamt of catching a sturgeon in British Columbia’s Fraser River. But not just any sturgeon, they dream of catching “Pig Pose” – a ten-foot-long giant with a bulbous pink nose (it is believed to have had it sheered off 40 years ago) that is the stuff of local legend.

The dream of hauling in Pig Nose was finally realized by 19-year-old Nick McCabe when he reeled it in, earning him the nickname of “The Sturgeon Whisper.”

Even though the fish has been tagged and had a chip implanted in the past, no one has ever managed to catch the 100-year-old fish until McCabe came along.

Image: River Monster Adventures

Though Pig Nose was caught, the legend lives on thanks to being released by McCabe after he took some photos with the local celebrity sturgeon. Hopefully it won’t be another 40 years until he shows back up.



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