100 Year Old, 23-Pound Lobster’s Sold for $230 With a Shocking Twist

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After catching a 23-pound lobster that’s taller than a toddler and believed to be 100 years, it sounds like the next thing to do would be to call Guinness World Records. In the case of King Louie (the name of the lobster) and the Alma Lobster Shop, he was bought by a Nova Scotia Buyer for $10 dollars a pound. That’s right. A once in a lifetime lobster went for only $230.

“This is a big, big lobster,” Catherine MacDonald, co-owner of the lobster shop, told CTV News. “My daughter put it next to a three-pound lobster, which is large and most people have never seen a three-pound lobster, and it was as big as his claw … It’s beautiful.”

It turns out the buyer wasn’t even going to eat the King – she’s vegan. Katie Conklin bought King Louie with the requirement that the lobster shop release him.

“It went full circle,” Catherine MacDonald said. “It was released on a vessel out in the Bay of Fundy in front of the village.”

“I just hope he carries his genes and he lives a happy life for his second chance,” she added.

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