Image: Aaron Beshears Facebook

It was a moment that appeared like it would be a life-changing accident when Major League Fishing Dan “Cameraman” Larson had a 1.5 ounce tungsten weight hit him in the eye. Larson, who was wearing sunglasses at the time, had them shatter, leaving her 100 pieces of metallic in his eye.

Aaron Beshears – who posted images of the aftermath to his Facebook – and friends thought Dan was going to lose his eye. Fortunately, it looks like dan is going to keep his eye and suffer minimal damage.

WARNING: Image Contains Graphic Content

Image: Aaron Beshears Facebook Image: Aaron Beshears Facebook

Thanks to the help of nearby angler and paramedic, Brice, Dan was immediately flown UAB Callahan Eye Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, one of the best eye hospitals in the country. He may lose a little movement and some vision, but it’s much better than how things could have gone.

Accidents happen in fishing, and no one on Dans crew is blaming anyone for anything, except for the angler, who is blaming himself. It’s just a reminder for how important safety is in the great sport of fishing.


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